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Vegetable Glycerine (100ml)


Natural, vegetable derived liquid glycerine, often added to the water phase of moisturisers and lotions as a humectant to help draw moisture into the skin.

Ingredients: Glycerine (aka: Glycerin, Glycerol)

Why you want Vegetable Glycerine:

  • Natural source humectant has emollient-like properties which can soften and soothe the skin and helps the outer skin layer (the epidermis) to retain moisture.
  • Clear, colourless, and odourless liquid with a sweet taste and has the consistency of a thick syrup (or liquid honey).
  • Glycerine is soluble in both water and alcohol.
  • Typically, Glycerine is added to emulsions (creams and lotions) in the water phase, and crafters also use this in hair conditioners, scrubs and foaming bubble bars and to assist distribution of colourants in products by diluting concentrated cosmetic colourants.
  • Recommended Usage Rates: 2 – 10% as a humectant

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