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Organic Castile Soap


Our Organic Castile Soap is a light, natural liquid soap base that can be used for hair, body or even as a laundry detergent.

Why you want Organic Castile Soap:

  • Surfactant free natural liquid soap base made using organic vegetable oils.
  • Contains no SLS, SLES or Parabens.
  • Kind to the environment
  • Gentle on the skin for babies, eczema sufferers, the elderly and everyone in between.
  • Vegetable derived with all the moisturising benefits of Coconut and Olive oils.
  • Unscented
  • Can be simply used as is or you can add your own blend of essential oils.
  • Can be thickened easily by adding a small amount of salt dissolved into warm water.

Ingredients: Purified Water, Potassium Oleate*, Potassium cocoate**, Glycerine***, Sodium Chloride, Citric Acid. – * Derived from Organic Sunflower oil, ** Derived from Organic Coconut Oil, *** Of organic origin.,



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