Mango Butter – Nourish Your Skin & Hair


Mango tree is grown across the tropical regions covering all continents. While we all know how delicious Mango pulp is, its seed is the one rich with healing properties. Originated in Netherland, nourishing Mango butter is also referred in scientific term as “Mangifera indica”.

Prepared from the seed kernel of the Mango tree, Mango butter is used extensively in a range of skin care and beauty care products such as massage creams, body butters, balms and salves. This highly effective butter has been often compared with Cocoa butter and Shea butter given its exceptional quality base as well as healing properties. It has a rich creamy color and smells mild sweet.

Why Mango Butter?

Mango butter is rich in mono-unsaturated omega-9 acid, oleic acid, and stearic acid. Being rich in vitamins and antioxidants, it contains potent healing properties. It has been used as a moisturizing element in lotions, and acts as a mild yet potent skin lubricant. In case of minor skin rashes and insect bites, mango butter is effective in reducing discomfort and can calm itching.

Historically used in the tropics and rain forest, this quality butter is known for its smoothing and moisturizing properties. It is also being considered a potent replacement for every day cooking butter. There are many reasons to incorporate this nourishing butter into your beauty regime.

1) Skin

Being rich with vitamins A, C and E, Mango butter pampers your skin like nothing. It nourishes your skin from within to give it the best beauty treatment. Mango butter contains natural emollient properties making it an effective element for skin moisturizing and nourishing.

  • Both stearic acid and oleic acid are fatty acids that maintain soft and shiny texture of skin.
  • Rich in vitamins, it provides a firmer appearance and plumps your skin. A firmer appearance helps in reducing the signs of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Protects our skin from UV radiation and harmful weather.
  • Minimizes the appearance of scars and stretch marks.

Skin Moisturizing Body Butter

Being an effective skin moisturizer, mango butter prevents itchy, dry and rough skin. Mango butter not only helps to regain lost skin moisture, it also ensures ideal skin nourishment. Homemade body butter is cost-effective and gives you freedom to prepare when needed.

In order to make the body butter, take a saucepan and double broiler; melt ½ cup mango butter and 1 cup shea butter. Add ½ tablespoon almond oil and whisk well. Take it off the heat, add about 20 drops of any essential oil. Cool down completely, whisk again, and refrigerate for 15-20 minutes.

Use this moisturizing body butter by gently applying to your skin and rub it before sleeping or after a shower.

Sunburn Aftercare Cream

Sunburn can be highly discomforting and painful, you can prepare a cooling cream and lightly smear affected skin region for a relieving effect. Take a mixing bowl; add 2 teaspoons aloe vera gel, 2 tablespoons mango butter, and 2-3 drops peppermint oil. Combine well to make a smooth cream and use as directed.

Eczema & Psoriasis Balm

Being anti-inflammatory in nature, Mango butter helps to control the symptoms of Psoriasis and Eczema. Prepare an anti-inflammatory skin balm by combining some coconut oil with mango butter. Apply directly over affected skin area.

Wound Healing Balm

Mango butter contains amazing skin healing properties. In case of small wounds and skin cuts, it helps in wound healing. Combine some tea tree oil with mango butter to prepare a healing balm and gently apply directly over skin cuts or wounds.

2) Hair

Dry hair can be devastating to manage and can ruin your appearance. While curly haired people find it challenging to keep their hair ideally hydrated, Mango butter ensures ideal hair moisture and can be used as an effective conditioner as well.

Mango butter helps you to restore hair moisture and get back your gorgeous curly hairs. Both stearic acid and oleic acid are fatty acids that help to maintain soft and shiny texture of hair.

Hair Moisturiser

Using a saucepan or double broiler, melt about ¼ cup mango butter. Add 2 teaspoon aloe vera gel and 1 teaspoon avocado oil; combine the mixture.

Turn the heat off; add the mixture in a blender and blend to make a creamy mixture. Optionally, you can add 8-10 drops essential lavender oil for scent. Cool down the cream completely; dab your hairs with the cream for moisture boost. Store in a cool, dry place for later use.

3) Acne

Mango butter is easy to absorb by skin. It is one of the few skin care products that can effectively moisturize your skin without clogging skin pores. It is well known for its skin moisturizing effects, it keeps away your acne troubles and improves skin complexion.

How to Use for Acne Treatment

Take a mixing bowl; add ¼ teaspoon vitamin E oil, ½ teaspoon rosehip oil, and 2 tablespoons mango butter. Optionally, if you have lavender essential oil, you can also a few drops for scent. Combine well to make a smooth mixture.

Use it as a potent spot remedy for acne breakouts. Apply gently over acne and wash off after sometime or you can apply it before sleeping and wash your face after you wake up in morning.