Eyes Wide Open

Eye with world Iris

Its time for change. We all need to do our bit to heal our environment and keep our loved ones above the wellness line. Its time to opened our eyes…

There are too many ailments in society these days, which weren’t common 30 years ago. Medical Science can not explain these sharp increases in ailments, but what correlates very closely is the sharp increase in chemicals in our home.

With all of the modern medicine available to us today our lifespans, are actually declining, Cancer, chronic Illness, Childhood disease. Its all on the rise, our environments are being poisoned, our animals are becoming extinct. We are sick.

I’m done with sitting in the dark, thinking this problem is too big or it wont effect me. The truth is; these issues touch everyone of us daily. Thankfully we have the power to change our world. If every person opens their eyes and makes conscious decisions today and everyday, we can make a difference. We can change the world for the better. The time for change is now.

I have made a conscious decision to remove chemicals from my home. This is my first step. What is yours?

eye in the world
Eyes wide open