Do It Yourself (D.I.Y) Kits added to the range!

diy body butter with ingrdients on concrete background

Do you ever get uber excited for a bit of DIY time, head into the kitchen, make a cup of tea (this is a prerequisite for my cooking endeavors), read through the recipe, begin getting out your ingredients………only to find ba-bow.. Your missing a crucial aspect….. mmm I hear the frustrations and I have a solution!

Starting with Peppermint Lip Balm & Frankincense Face Cream, aromalicious has two low-tox aromatherapy D.I.Y kits available now, with more being added to the collection soon.

Whether you’re buying a kit to make life easier on yourself or for you to give as a gift, these D.I.Y kits are the PERFECT answer!

Each kit comes with a recipe card and all of the ingredients as well as the containers that you would need to whip up a batch. Easily.

No waste, No measuring. Just good wholesome do It yourself fun! Suitable for all ages – Order Yours now!